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Netrounds AB

Netrounds was founded in 2007 to address the problem of how complex and time-consuming it was to roll out new revenue-generating and quality-assured network services that results in an excellent experience for end-users. Netrounds' founders envisioned a different future where network professionals could easily have in-depth end-to-end knowledge of network performance and service quality, with ability to prevent and troubleshoot problems effectively remotely over wide network geographies. In addition, the envisioned solution should also appeal to the underserved mid-market of service providers and their premium customers.
For agile service providers who want to deliver quality-assured network services with real-time end-user experience insight, Netrounds is a collaborative cloud-based solution for professional end-to-end quality monitoring and remote troubleshooting. Netrounds' remote troubleshooting capabilities from end-users' perspective eliminate labor-intensive efforts required by skilled field staff, and help to quickly solve complex problems and reduce operational costs. Netrounds is a complete system with elastic pricing for affordable high-coverage deployments, suitable for mobile, fixed and virtualized networks.

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Netrounds AB
Storgatan 7, Lulea, Sweden, SE-972 38

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