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Aitech Defense Systems Inc

Since 1983, Aitech has been building a reputation as a provider of rugged commercial and military embedded computing solutions for a long list of high-profile projects, including many for defense industry and space programs. And in the time since the company introduced the world's first conduction-cooled Mil-Spec VMEbus boards in 1984, it has grown far beyond basic off-the-shelf VMEbus and CompactPCI boards, mezzanine cards, power supplies, enclosures, and fully integrated harsh environment computer sub-systems.

Aitech develops world-class computing platforms

Aitech teams with Wind River to bring the power and performance of the very latest Freescale PowerPC, Intel Core and Arm processors to the harsh environments required for Military and Aerospace, manned and unmanned Space, and Industrial embedded computing markets.
Working with VxWorks software, Aitech develops world-class computing platforms that enable customers to push the envelope and boundaries of data processing for C4ISR Military and Aerospace, Command and Data Handling (C & DH) computers on the ground, in the air, and for space missions in Earth orbit and deep space, and highly sophisticated process control systems for Industrial applications. Together with the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system, the company's products provide customers with real-time, highly reliable systems solutions, with superior cost-performance, fast time-to-market options, and lower development and maintenance costs.
Aitech provides our customers with:

  • State-of-the-art, leading edge COTS hardware and software technology coupled with our long-term, COTSLifecycle+ product lifecycle support program
  • Proven heritage and pedigree of rugged, mil. spec. and Space-qualified boards and integrated subsystems on time and on budget
  • Customized solutions of our COTS products
  • Technical support-at no added cost to ensure your program's success

Company Info

Aitech Defense Systems Inc
19756 Prairie Street, Chatsworth, CA, United States, 91311-6531

Partner type

Aerospace & Defense

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Products Supported
VxWorks 653