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QA Systems GmbH

QA Systems tools automate unit testing, code coverage, integration testing, and static analysis to optimize safety- and business-critical embedded software and accelerate standards compliance.

All QA Systems tools are independently certified by SGS TuV for use at the highest integrity level of safety-related software development for all major safety standards (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, EN 50128, and IEC 60880), and qualifiable for standards such as DO-178B/C.

Founded in 1996 by CEO and racing driver Andreas Sczepansky, QA Systems operates across Europe and through a global reseller network. QA Systems has over 350 blue-chip customers across all safety-related and business-critical industries.

Cantata is seamlessly integrated with VxWorks 7, providing C/C++ developers with unit and integration testing and accelerating regulatory standards compliance

This integration makes software testing on target via the Workbench UI as easy as host testing. Customers are provided with an integrated solution that combines Cantata's powerful features for unit/integration testing and software coverage analysis from within the Wind River graphical IDE. This helps to increase software quality, decrease time-to-market, and reduce software maintenance costs.

  • Wind River Workbench is the focal-point IDE to develop and test during iterative software cycles.
  • Full integration to the Workbench build system allows Cantata to automate the testing process inside Workbench.
  • Full integration with the Workbench target management system makes it easy to collect test and coverage results from the target and display them within the UI for immediate analysis

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QA Systems GmbH
Schwieberding Strasse 56, Stuttgart, Germany, 70435

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux
VxWorks 653