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Spirent Communications Inc

Spirent enables leading communications companies develop, deliver, and operate world-class networks, devices, and services. Spirent's lab test solutions evaluate performance of the latest technologies, while its service management, field test systems, and analytics troubleshoot network and service issues to improve user experience. Spirent also enables enterprises, institutions, and government agencies to secure and manage their networks. From wireline to wireless to satellite, Spirent offers a complete portfolio of solutions to enhance customer Quality of Experience.

Spirent is the leader in validating network performance, availability, scalability, and security in virtual and physical networks.

Spirent develops innovative test solutions for the engineers and network planners working within the communications industry that allow them to evaluate the performance of the latest technologies, infrastructures and applications to be deployed worldwide.

Spirent's SDN and NFV solutions enable customers to accelerate the deployments of NFV and modern software-defined datacenters by ensuring the scalability and reliability of cloud infrastructures and providing end to end visibility for SLA validation.

  • Improved agility (network and services on demand)
  • Self-provisioning of network policies (automation)
  • Reduced time to deliver
  • Innovative products that exploit service chaining
  • Elastic, demand-based scaling
  • Global network visibility
  • Optimized traffic steering

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Spirent Communications Inc
2708 Orchard Parkway, Suite 20, San Jose, CA, United States, 95134
(818) 676-2300

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