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Kestrel Technology LLC

Kestrel Technology is a small business developing world-class static analysis tools. We develop
and sell products and intellectual property for software source code verification and for binary
reverse engineering, malware analysis, or incident response.
Kestrel Technology offers comprehensive static analysis tools for proving safety properties of
embedded systems software. Providing incremental and scalable analysis support throughout
the development lifecycle, our technology provides expert analysis support throughout the Wind
River toolchain.

This integration provides Wind River and Kestrel Technology customers with higher confidence and faster verification for their mission-critical systems.

Kestrel Technology's program analysis technology offers a unique and valuable approach to verification. Working from proof obligations on a memory safety model defined in the source language, and taking a sound analysis stance, our approach avoids the issues surrounding bug reports and false positives. Instead we provide analysis results that guide developers toward making improvements for hardening their software. Integrating the analysis results to suit the Wind River Workbench tooling facilitates improvement productivity and repairs. Specializing the analyzers to interleave information from the VxWorks and related toolchain libraries greatly improves the quality and accelerates delivery of the automated analysis results.

  • Together with the Workbench and VxWorks operating system libraries, Kestrel Technology's KT Advance memory safety analyzer for C provides state-of-the-art software verification during the development process, providing mathematical proofs of correctness for mission-critical systems.
  • Our upcoming KT Advance 653 product will work together with Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform to specialize safety analysis for embedded systems using the ARINC 653 profile. Analyzers provide embedded systems developers, testers, and integrators with the evidence they need to demonstrate trustworthiness of software for memory safety.

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    Kestrel Technology LLC
    3260 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA, United States, 94304
    (650) 320-8474

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    Aerospace & Defense

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    VxWorks 653