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Helping Shape the Future of Embedded Software

Wind River actively participates in key industry groups, open source projects, vendor ecosystems, and standards bodies to help continually evolve the state­-of-the-art for embedded software.

Internet Systems Consortium

Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC) is a public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to supporting the infrastructure of the universally connected self-organizing Internet ? and the autonomy of its participants ? by developing and maintaining core production-quality software, protocols, and operations.
Who is ISC?

ISC is the organization behind the ongoing development and distribution of the most used name server software, BIND. Our team of experts helps drive the DNS standards and author the reference implementation that is then distributed as commercial-quality Open Source software for the Internet community. ISC provides the same leadership both in standards development and software for the DHCP protocol. ISC is now engaged in the Software Defined Networking and Open Home Gateway communities, among others. Over the years, the ISC team has written over 60 RFCs, and is proud to be contributors to the Internet Engineering Task Force.

ISC not only writes the software, we use it to operate critical Internet infrastructure in the form of the F-root name server. F-Root is one of the 13 Internet root name servers that power the global Internet. Through F-root, ISC pioneered the use of global ?anycast? in DNS. ISC also provides DNS infrastructure services to over 50 of the world?s ccTLD operators (at no charge) as part of our mission.

All of our open source software is freely available on our website. Through generous donations, sponsor support, and its commercial subsidiary, DNSco, ISC is able to fulfill our mission of developing open source software products.


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