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Education Services for Aerospace & Defense

Standards govern each segment of the aerospace and defense industry, mandating guaranteed levels of safety, security, and portability, while new applications require interoperability of many technologies. The technological solutions are challenging to engineers and expensive to certify.

Education and mentoring are indispensable to the success of your project, but how do you maximize the efficiency of training? How do you minimize time away from the job while keeping the budget for education services under control?

Wind River® Education Services can provide the training and mentoring to make your engineers productive and confident using their Wind River tools. They gain more time to focus on higher-level innovation. You gain the expert guidance of Wind River, with nearly 40 years of experience helping aerospace and defense companies address safety and security issues in the embedded world.


The Wind River Learning Subscription offers unlimited anytime, anywhere access to in-depth e-Learning courses that help solve the toughest challenges in designing state-of-the-art intelligent systems. Get the knowledge you need, when you need it in a single annual subscription.

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Now more than ever, project teams need all the advantages they can get. Wind River Education Services provides in-depth training on the subjects most relevant to aerospace and defense companies. Give your team the edge to beat the competition. Find out more about our aerospace and defense–specific offerings:


Given enough time, your engineers could figure out the best way to leverage new technologies and integrate them into your current systems. But if you want a faster start and expert guidance, Wind River Mentoring is an excellent option. One of our engineering specialists will consider the unique challenges of your project and your environment and provide highly targeted guidance and coaching. Your team gains the advantages of quicker evaluation of their options, fewer false starts, and higher productivity. And we'll assist you with specific issues:

  • Use of Wind River tools and technologies in your processes (certification-based)

  • Hardware consolidation and multi-core strategies

  • Strategies for partitioning ARINC 653 systems

  • Test management design and reporting strategies

  • Understanding Wind River processes and profiles as you prepare for certification

  • Selection of Wind River product features for use in your products

  • Techniques for performance-tuning and troubleshooting a target crash

  • Configuration of the Wind River platform for size and speed requirements