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Education Services for Industrial Applications

The industrial market is poised for an era of unprecedented innovation. Recent advances in connectivity, virtualization, and multi-core processors have opened the door to new opportunities, but they also introduce a new level of complexity.

Are your engineers ready? Multi-core processors can consolidate hardware, cut costs, and reduce time-to-market, but is your team prepared to exploit those advantages? Are they educated on the choices among asymmetrical multiprocessing (AMP), symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP), and embedded virtualization technologies? How much of your existing code and development processes can be leveraged? Do your engineers have the background to appropriate trade-offs among security, performance, and scalability?

Your team can benefit from Wind River® Education Services if you are looking to reduce your time-to-market and avoid lengthy trial-and-error cycles. Our professionally designed courses provide in-depth, hands-on guidance for the challenges faced by designers of embedded industrial devices. With mentoring from our experienced engineering specialists, your engineers can immediately apply their knowledge within your processes, systems, and environment.


The Wind River Learning Subscription offers unlimited anytime, anywhere access to in-depth e-Learning courses that help solve the toughest challenges in designing state-of-the-art industrial systems. Get the knowledge you need, when you need it in a single annual subscription.

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Mentoring for Rapid Integration

Given enough time, your engineers could figure out the best way to leverage new technologies and integrate them into your current systems. But if you want a faster start and expert guidance, Wind River Mentoring is an excellent option. One of our engineering specialists will consider the unique challenges of your project and your environment and provide highly targeted guidance and coaching. Your team gains the advantages of quicker evaluation of their options, fewer false starts, and higher productivity. And we'll assist you with specific issues:

  • Integration of Wind River tools and technologies into development workflows and processes

  • Migration to multi-core platforms

  • Consolidation of hardware and legacy applications using Wind River virtualization technology

  • Application migration from WinCE

  • Performance analysis and optimization

  • System configuration to support "instant-on" requirements