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Education Services for Networking and Telecom Equipment

The networking and telecom industries are going through a rapid technological evolution to support next-generation 3G, 3.5G, and 4G infrastructures as well as advanced wireline and enterprise applications. This evolution is a disruption to existing hardware and software assets, development processes, design methodology, and project schedules.

Can you afford a lengthy trial-and-error cycle before your differentiating features get to market? Are your engineers ready to take advantage of the performance and consolidation benefits that multi-core can offer? Are you confident you know the integration issues with your off-the-shelf technologies?

Wind River® Education Services can provide the training and mentoring to make your engineers productive and confident using their Wind River tools. Our professionally designed courses provide in-depth guidance and hands-on practice for the challenges faced by designers of embedded networking and telecom equipment. With mentoring from our experienced engineering specialists, your engineers can immediately apply their knowledge within your processes, systems, and environment.


The Wind River Learning Subscription offers unlimited anytime, anywhere access to in-depth e-Learning courses that help solve the toughest challenges in designing state-of-the-art telecommunications systems. Get the knowledge you need, when you need it in a single annual subscription.

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Now more than ever, project teams need all the advantages they can get. Wind River Education Services provides in-depth training on the most relevant and hottest technologies to hit the networking and telecom industries today. Give your team the edge to beat the competition. Find out more about our courses that can accelerate your team past the steepest part of the learning curve for networking and telecom issues:

Mentoring for Rapid Integration

Given enough time, your engineers could figure out the best way to leverage new technologies and integrate them into your current systems. But if you want a faster start and expert guidance, Wind River Mentoring is an excellent option. One of our engineering specialists will consider the unique challenges of your project and your environment and provide highly targeted guidance and coaching. Your team gains the advantages of quicker evaluation of their options, fewer false starts, and higher productivity. And we'll assist you with specific issues:

  • Integration and best practices when including open source RFC code

  • RFC compliance of products that include middleware packages to achieve requirements

  • Techniques for performance-tuning the network stack

  • Interoperability with network equipment from other suppliers

  • Legacy code integration and rapid configuration of network components for interoperability with other de facto implementations

  • IPv6 integration, deployment, and logo validation

  • Network security policy deployment guidance

  • Quality of service and traffic-shaping techniques

  • Network performance optimization