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Open Source Leadership

With Wind River® embedded software expertise and commitment to Linux leadership, your organization is free to tap the full potential of the open source community.

Yocto Project Leadership

With the Yocto Project open source development infrastructure at the core of Wind River Linux—and as a Yocto Project founding member and the maintainer of key components—Wind River ensures our customers work with the most recent standards and the latest code from the most important open source efforts.

The Yocto Project, a major collaborative initiative that encompasses hardware and software technologies and vendors across the industry, is recognized as the most powerful and flexible Linux build system framework today for embedded development.

The Yocto Project provides the technical flexibility to fit the needs of any company in any industry, with the scale to fit the expansive needs of embedded devices, machines, systems, and IoT architectures.

Wind River is a Gold member of the Yocto Project Advisory Board, an active contributor to the Yocto Project, and serves as technical lead for seven initiatives, including kernel, user space, and RPM.

Wind River Open Source Labs

The Wind River Open Source Labs is a community with hundreds of engineers sharing their open source embedded software work, developed for more than a decade. Get a sneak peek into the daily projects our gurus are leading.

Talk with our open source experts

Ask our engineers about their open source efforts and contribute to the community with your own expert knowledge using IRC channels. Our channel (#wropenlabs) is provided on Freenode.

To join, point your IRC client towards freenode.net or use http://webchat.freenode.net/ with #wropenlabs

Wind River is a leading contributor to open source and helps maintain several Yocto Project components:

  • linux-yocto Kernel and Tooling
  • User Space and RPM
  • Cross-prelink
  • Pseudo
  • meta-virtualization
  • meta-selinux
  • meta-openembedded
  • meta-zynq
  • meta-cloud-services
  • meta-security
  • meta-linaro
  • meta-cgl

We are actively involved in the industry's most important open source projects

  • Yocto Project
  • OE Core
  • kernel.org
  • Genivi
  • Bit Bake
  • Eclipse
  • pseudo
  • swabber
  • OpenDataPlane

OpenHUB Statistics

The Black Duck Open HUB (formerly Ohloh) tracks contributions to more than 600,000 open source projects. The statistics below are dynamically updated and reflect Wind River's ongoing efforts in the open source community.


"Affiliates," our Linux gurus, contribute commits to different open source projects.


External contributors make contributions to Wind River "portfolio projects," open source projects created and owned by Wind River.


Wind River portfolio projects receive commits by our own engineers as well.

Download Our Open Source Software

Take a sneak peak under Wind River Linux's hood. We have published a snapshot of our development tree onto a public git repository.

You can download the build system, cross toolchain, and all layers and packages needed to build a small Wind River Linux filesystem to run on Intel and ARM targets.

Just follow these quick instructions on GitHub. You’ll be building in less than five minutes.

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