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Conduce Inc

Conduce gives leaders and teams a single, intuitive interface to access all of their organization's data. The data can be in any format and from any application. In fact, because Conduce can integrate not only the data from an application but the entire, fully functioning app itself as well, it can serve as a true single-pane-of-glass solution to run your enterprise. This is very different from a dashboard, where you would never try and "drive" your enterprise by looking into a rearview mirror. Conduce makes all enterprise information available to the people who need it most in fraction of the time of a typical data integration, allowing them to make informed decisions, and take action upon them in the same place.

Wind River and Intel build the bridge for IOT "from the edge to the cloud." Conduce completes the bridge to the ultimate destination "from the cloud to the user."

Wind River technology makes it possible to modernize your enterprise, generating data from edge devices that were never intended to communicate in this way.
Conduce makes that data usable, actionable, and compatible with any and all enterprise data and applications, beautifully rendered, and layered in a way that allows the broadest possible utility in the organization from the executive team down to the line workers on the floor. Conduce provides two-way communication with your data so actions can be taken immediately.

  • ALL your edge data and applications in a holistic, real-time, contextual view.
  • A fraction of the time and investment of a typical data integration.
  • A bridge is not effective unless it reaches all the way to the other side. Conduce completes the bridge from edge data -> cloud -> HUMAN.
  • Someone at the enterprise needs to understand, interpret, and take action.
  • Easy, effective, and consistent collaboration and data sharing pulling from the same data sources across the enterprise.
  • Vertical solutions and modularization allow for easy staged growth through an organization. Start by solving a few key, impactful problems and add on as needed.

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Conduce Inc
1180 Eugenia Place Suite 103, Carpinteria, CA, United States, 93013
(619) 717-6004

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