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Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk®SeeControl® is an enterprise IoT cloud service that helps manufacturers to connect, analyze, and manage their products. It virtualizes machines, links them with reporting devices, and through analytics unlocks the data trapped inside, utilizing the unlimited computing power of a cloud native architecture. With smart, connected machines, manufacturers can offer higher service levels, reduce asset downtime, and lower maintenance and material costs. It offers a point-and-click approach to IoT applications that is easy to use for product managers and business analysts.

SeeControl provides the No Coding IoT Cloud Service

SeeControl provides end-to-end cloud services that can connect to Wind River powered devices and power new and innovative IoT applications. With Wind River and SeeControl, customers such as Group NIRE can prototype and launch novel product- and system-based services in 30 days or less.

  • Cloud-native IoT web applications that can harness thousand of servers to handle real-time IoT data analysis and visualization
  • "No Coding" drag-and-drop tools usable by product managers, engineers and business analysts
  • Future-proof, device agnostic connections to major device protocols, IoT standards and global wired or wireless networksBattle-tested military-grade security

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Autodesk, Inc.
One Market Street. Suite 500, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94105
(415) 507-5000

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux