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iVeia is a leading provider of high-reliability hardware platforms, tools, and services for accelerating the development of critical embedded systems.

iVeia provides a number of industry-standard I/O interfaces and software support for use with its processor hardware. With a focus on video and signal processing applications, iVeia provides a number of options for high-speed analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog conversion and industrial video interfaces in addition to industry-standard I/O. New I/O options are available now that also include 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and the ability to stream data directly from programmable logic over high-speed networks.

iVeia's Velocity-HFTM framework and tool suite enables operating systems such as VxWorks to fully leverage advanced SoCs and accelerate time-to-market

Wind River works closely with iVeia to ensure that Wind River operating systems such as VxWorks, tools, and simulation offerings are optimized for use with iVeia's hardware platforms and development systems. With iVeia and Wind River, software developers and architects can utilize the full potential of forward-thinking SoC devices, including designing high-performance multi-core systems. iVeia specializes in advanced SoCs and heterogeneous computing platforms that combine 32-bit or 64-bit processor architectures with programmable logic.

  • Velocity-HFTM creates a natural partition between the programmable logic development and the software development, thereby allowing software and hardware teams to develop independently without the need for multiple integration stages.
  • Standard interfaces are used for both software and programmable logic applications.
  • iVeia's processor modules are also form-factor and electrically compatible within product families.
  • The combination of soft and hard portability allows a designer to quickly address market needs by being able to seamlessly upgrade their product hardware (to add features/performance) or even downgrade (to save power/cost).

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