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Perrone Robotics, Inc.

Perrone Robotics has a 13+ year history in developing software for autonomous vehicles and other robotic solutions. We've spent this time mastering sensors, control systems, and advanced algorithms while creating a mature yet flexible real-world self-driving platform called MAX. Today we offer both the leading software platform for autonomous vehicles and the expertise to help you design and build your own autonomous solutions.

Perrone Robotics, Inc. Provides MAX Software for Use in the Wind River Helix Drive Solution

Perrone Robotics, Inc. combines its MAX autonomy platform with the Wind River Helix Drive system, AICAS's JamaicaVM, and Intel CPUs to create an autonomous "brain-in-a-box" solution. The Drive-MAX platform is a turnkey solution for rapid and safe development of autonomous vehicles. Drive-MAX autonomy solutions are differentiated from competitors by real-time capabilities out-of-the-box. Perrone Robotics' partnership with Wind River makes autonomy accessible to all.

  • Rapid development: The user interface supports configuration of a new autonomous system in minutes.
  • Reduced costs and development cycles: An optional simulator allows testing autonomous vehicles under real-world conditions (including snow, ice, rain, and darkness).
  • No coding necessary: The software bundle includes everything necessary for you to be hands-off from day one.

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Perrone Robotics, Inc.
5625 The Square, Crozet, VA, United States, 22932
(434) 260-8550

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