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Presagis is the leading provider of tools and technology used in the design and deployment of real-time, embedded Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications for safety and mission-critical systems.

For over 20 years Presagis has provided platform integration support with VxWorks and VxWorks 653 for VAPS XT developed applications on certified and non-certified programs.

Presagis has ensured that customers will be able to produce applications with confidence!

Presagis has delivered embedded and Certified DO178 avionics graphics for over 15 Years and has been widely used by leading Avionics and Airframe producers worldwide. The VAPS and VAPS XT tools from Presagis help customers design, build, test, and deploy graphical user interfaces to embedded hardware. These embedded software solutions have been integrated and tested with VxWorks and VxWorks 653 solutions on multiple hardware environments. By combining the ease-of-use of the VAPS Family of graphical development tools with the high performance of VxWorks environments and verifying the integration, Presagis has ensured that customers will be able to produce applications with confidence.

  • Design, develop, and deploy avionic display software
  • Support ARINC 661 development for CDS, widgets, and UA development
  • Provide automatic code generation support for VxWorks platforms

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4700 Rue De La. Savane suite 300, Montreal, QC, Canada, H4P 1T7

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Aerospace & Defense

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Products Supported
Wind River Linux
VxWorks 653