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InHand specializes in compact, portable, battery-operated embedded processor circuitry and devices for military, medical, and industrial applications. We design COTS single board computers (SBCs) and rugged tablets based on industrial temperature and long product lifecycle semiconductors, with a focus on small size, power efficiency, rugged environments, and security. InHand also customizes these COTS boards, using a process called Modified COTS to deliver products meeting a customer's precise specifications with reduced cost, risk, and time-to-market. We can take a complete product through design, qualification/certification, and production. BSP development is in-house, providing design-optimized GUIs, security, real-time reliability, and OS certification.

Arm board and device design for rugged real-time applications featuring VxWorks

InHand designs and manufacturers Arm embedded boards and rugged devices for industrial, medical, and military use. VxWorks BSPs enable mission-critical, low-power, portable, and IoT applications on both COTS and customized designs. InHand combines its core competencies in portable devices, battery management, power efficiency, device security, sensing, control, and rugged design with VxWorks to deliver real-time performance and reliability optimized for Arm platforms.

  • COTS ARM single board computers + VxWorks BSP for real-time, long-life products
  • Customized product-specific electronic, VxWorks BSP, and device designs that optimize product cost and performance to the application
  • From requirements definition through prototype and production, InHand provides turnkey board and packaged product solutions
  • Full device design services, including enclosures, qualification testing, and regulatory certification
  • Specializing in portable, battery-operated, rugged, high-reliability, IoT, sensing, control, human-machine interface (HMI), and secure devices

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30 West Gude Drive, Suite 550, Rockville, MD, United States, 20850

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Aerospace & Defense

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