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AVSystem is an expert in large-scale asset management and M2M/IoT service orchestration and monitoring systems. Supported environments include multiple access technologies (e.g., xDSL, cable, LTE dongles, femtocells, FTTh ONT) as well as any control protocols (OMA LwM2M, TR-069, MQTT, SNMP, etc). AVSystem's product portfolio is enabling telco operators and enterprise markets worldwide to introduce and develop IoT concepts by using extensive asset, device, and IoT monitoring as well as M2M service enablement.

Wind River chooses AVSystem as a strategic partner for Internet of Things solutions for automotive

AVSystem has vast expertise in the area of device management and IoT, especially LwM2M, the most functional industry standard for IoT environments. This, together with the maturity of Wind River products, allows the two companies to introduce comprehensive solutions for enabling B2B and B2C services in various industries, from smart homes to utilities and automotive.

  • Comprehensive approach to Internet of Things connectivity and asset management
  • LwM2M protocol enablement, thanks to AVSystem Anjay and AVSystem Coiote protocol hub capabilities

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    Radzikowskiego 47d, Krakow, Poland, 31-315
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