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Thaumatec Sp. z o.o.

Thaumatec provides services covering a wide area of the newest technologies, from Internet of Things (IoT) consultancy through software and hardware development all the way to system integration.
We have extensive experience and knowledge of embedded software technologies, Big Data analytics as well as web and mobile app development.

Thaumatec provides integration and development services based on Wind River and Intel solutions

Thaumatec, together with Wind River, offers a wide range of large-scale services for IoT. Together we are working on delivering solutions for smart homes, smart cities, and IoT for companies, mixing multiple technologies in one final product to make our lives easier. Our main know-how concentrates on the Wind River Helix CarSync product, but we are building up our experience on the other Wind River products rapidly.

  • Access to the newest technologies—we are working closely together with leading technical universities.
  • Knowledge and partnership—together we share access to the best case studies in the industry.
  • Faster time to market—our partnership gives us early access to newest solutions.
  • Cost-effective and flexible business services—our location and our highly skilled employees result in the optimal cooperation model.

Company Info

Thaumatec Sp. z o.o.
ul. Mickiewicza 20c, Wroclaw, Poland, 51-619
+48 (0) 668-639-591

Partner type
System Integrator


Partner Tier

Products Supported
Wind River Edge Sync