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WiZR is disrupting the video surveillance and analytics market by using industry-leading AI and IoT integration in a highly innovative and scalable platform. Combining next-generation computer vision with IoT cloud and edge platform components, WiZR streamlines and optimizes analytics delivery while reducing deployment and bandwidth costs.

WiZR enables proactive security and business intelligence with industry-leading AI, video, and IoT integration. With all the functionality you would expect from a standard VMS, WiZR moves beyond forensic video with a comprehensive incident management and dispatch system that provides real-time, AI-enabled security coverage to prevent crimes before they occur.

WiZR provides industry-leading video surveillance and analytics using AI and IoT integration on the Wind River Titanium Cloud infrastructure.

Advanced analytics, such as traffic metrics and facial recognition, can be combined for insights into optimized staffing, quantified advertising exposure, and more. Our scalable architecture can be fully virtualized and extends to 4G and 5G, integrated with Wind River Titanium Cloud. Customers can ensure that their cameras and sensors run with optimal stability and security through the pre-validated WiZR - Wind River joint solution.

  • Industry-leading AI and IoT integration capabilities
  • 80%+ lower false alarm rates with sub-second detection times
  • Significantly lower setup and operating costs
  • ~15-minute install time with no network configuration required
  • Compatible with legacy cameras and sensors

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301 Arizona Avenue, Suite 210, Santa Monica, CA, United States, 90401

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