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Force Dimension

Force Dimension aims to be the leader in the development and manufacturing of high-end haptic solutions, and to integrate its technology in advanced end-user applications through interdisciplinary partnerships and customized developments.

Force Dimension’s strategy relies on selling off-the-shelf haptic devices to familiarize developers with the company’s technology and to act as seed sales for customized OEM solution opportunities.

Force Dimension’s OEM engineering relies on a three-stage process (specifications, prototyping, industrialization) that allows the company to develop custom haptic solutions in parallel with its partners’ own product development, while accommodating each project’s specific technical, financial, and time constraints.

Force Dimension provides support for its entire range of haptic products on the VxWorks platform.

The Force Dimension SDK enables full support for off-the-shelf and OEM haptic devices on the VxWorks RTOS, enabling system developers to integrate high-fidelity force feedback in their real-time application while taking full advantage of the Wind River development suite. Native Force Dimension haptic support on VxWorks facilitates development, integration, and testing of real-time robotic systems.

  • The use of the same RTOS for both master and slave control reduces system complexity and removes the need for a separate controller dedicated to haptic devices.
  • The implementation of both master and slave control in the same software environment reduces development time.
  • The use of a single development suite facilitates testing, documentation, and maintenance of the master-slave system.

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Force Dimension
Allee de la Petite Prairie 2, Nyon, Switzerland, CH-1260
+41 22 362 6570

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Aerospace & Defense

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