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Morgridge Institute for Research

The Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) is a publicly available, open source, no-cost service that provides an open, continuous software assurance platform and static code analysis to developers. Using multiple tools to regularly scan software is the cornerstone of continuous assurance - the practice of integrating software assurance into the continuous cycle of software development. Offering 30+ static analysis tools and support for 11 programming languages, the SWAMP's high-throughput computing infrastructure handles a large volume of assessments. Try the SWAMP on the web or download SWAMP-in-a-Box, a stand-alone application for on-premise software assurance. Plug-ins are also available for Eclipse, Jenkins, and Git/Subversion.

SWAMP-in-a-Box will support VxWorks, allowing users to access continuous software assurance to test software intended to run on embedded systems.

SWAMP-in-a-Box is an on-premise, open, no-cost, continuous software assurance platform for performing static code analysis. SWAMP-in-a-Box will provide support for VxWorks, allowing users who develop code for embedded systems to perform continuous software assurance in the SWAMP using multiple static analysis tools. Regular use of the SWAMP on software before it is released to production results in better software quality and more secure software, thereby increasing return on investment.

  • A unique capability of SWAMP is to allow users to run multiple tools and to compare and aggregate results between tools. This offers more complete and accurate code coverage than can be provided by any single tool.
  • SWAMP-in-a-Box will support a "bring your own license" model to easily integrate your VxWorks license with your SWAMP-in-a-Box environment.
  • Static analysis provides additional assurance of software correctness, which is of particular value to embedded systems code, for which it is frequently cost prohibitive or impossible to provide bug fixes after the code has been deployed.

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Morgridge Institute for Research
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