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ReFirm Labs, Inc.

As businesses, manufacturers, and consumers come to rely on an increasing number of internet-connected devices, security standards have not kept pace with this rapid growth. The essential firmware within these devices is especially vulnerable, subject to attacks that are progressively difficult to predict or protect against, placing a company's finances, brand reputation, and other valuable resources at risk. Current security measures don't effectively protect firmware or fail to proactively address vulnerabilities before it's too late.

ReFirm Labs recognize that technology leaders within these organizations - from validation engineers to CEOs - need a quick and simple way to evaluate the firmware within these devices and mitigate vulnerabilities before they're exploited. With an elite team assembled from the National Security Agency, ReFirm Labs embraces the hacker mentality to protect today's internet-connected devices against tomorrow's threats. ReFirm Labs' ingenious team and cutting-edge Centrifuge platform empower technology leaders with complete confidence in their IoT deployments, allowing them to fully focus on the success of their enterprises.

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ReFirm Labs, Inc.
8110 Maple Lawn Blvd, Suite 200, Fulton, MD, United States, 20759
+1 (240) 389-2443

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