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Acromag Inc

Acromag offers a complete line of embedded computing and I/O solutions including bus boards, single-board computers, FPGA modules, embedded computers, COM Express, mezzanine modules, wiring accessories, and software. Industries served include military, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and scientific research laboratories.

Acromag enables interoperability with its line of embedded computing and I/O solutions, software, and accessories with VxWorks.

Acromag offers software libraries that greatly simplify the interface between Acromag I/O boards, VxWorks, and your software application program. Libraries are supplied as ldquo;C and rdquo; source code and provide easy-to-use function routines that quickly integrate with your application and Wind River VxWorks.

  • Quickly integrate your application with Acromag products and VxWorks.
  • VxWorks software support is available for many Acromag products.
  • Acromag is certified for compliance with AS9100-C quality standards.

Company Info

Acromag Inc
30765 S. Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI, United States, 48393-2417
(248) 624-1541

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Aerospace & Defense

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