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AVAL DATA CORPORATION (AVAL) is the leading company in the industrial embedded computer market where the highest reliability, availability, and continuous technical support are essential. AVAL has been a leader in delivering the most advanced quality of products as well as technical service since its founding in 1959. AVAL provides services in the following areas:
- High performance and highly integrated embedded CPU and various I/O boards with FPGAs and proprietary ASIC
- High performance frame grabber and pre-processing board, related hardware used a proprietary ASIC
- System integration services with communication/network products and sophisticated core technologies
- Highly optimized Real Time OS (RTOS), utilities and middleware for its hardware platforms
- Machine Vision Software consists of drivers, pre-processing utilities and middleware
- Outstanding technical services to meet customer needs and promote long lifecycle products; ISO9001, ISO14001 certified

AVAL DATA provides compactPCI CPU modules integrated with VxWorks for industrial equipment

AVAL DATA provides high-performance and robust real-time system by equipping VxWorks with a fully designed and developed compactPCI CPU module.
Using VxWorks and AVAL DATA's products allow for high-speed, high density processing, and high reliability.

  • Products can be used as the key device for a wide range of industrial devices including robots, manufacturing/inspection units, and infrastructure/network equipment based on know-how of CPU module and compactPCI for over 30 years.
  • Offers customized product which meet customers' requirements with high-degree of support capacity.
  • Offers fast and precise service by holding all process from development up to manufacturing in the company.

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1-25-10, Asahimachi Machida-Shi, Tokyo, Japan, 194-0023

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