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Innotech Corp

The slogan of the INNOTECH Group, "becoming the EDS (Electronics Design Service) company," speaks to the synergy among its group of companies. "EDS company" means one that provides everything from CPUs, ASIC design and board design/manufacturing services to embedded software and other comprehensive services ranging from testing to quality control. Its goal is to work with customers' multiple business units and enhance such customers' values by supporting all of their design and engineering activities.

Innotech provides x86 single-motherboard and box computers consistently designed and manufactured in Japan. These products are used in medical, industrial, transportation infrastructure, and generate a synergistic effect with Wind River.

Innotech has offered high quality x86 computers, providing hardware, software, and customer-centric design. These products have some unique futures, including nonuse of electrolytic capacitors and original compact form factors of motherboard computers. Innotech is widely recognized in Japanese industry. Furthermore, Innotech engineers are familiar with Wind River Linux and VxWorks so are able to provide comprehensive hardware and software support.

  • Not using electrolytic capacitor.
  • Designing, developing and manufacturing in Japan.
  • Providing a comprehensive hardware and software support.

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Innotech Corp
3-17-6, Shinyokohama Kouhoku-ku,, Yokohama, KANAGAWA, Japan, 222-8580

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Aerospace & Defense

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