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OSS Nokalva Inc

OSS Nokalva® is a leading vendor of ASN.1, 4G (LTE and WiMAX) and Efficient XML software development toolkits that empower companies worldwide to rapidly and reliably develop standards based applications. Instrumental in shaping and developing both standards, and related technologies, OSS Nokalva has been providing the most advanced and complete development tools since 1988.

VxWorks and Wind River Linux users can depend on the reliability, experience, performance, and assistance OSS is known for.

The OSS ASN.1 tools offer powerful features such as an intuitive IDE (ASN.1 Studio), unsurpassed speed, compact size, automatic encoding/decoding, multi-threading, dynamic memory options, and an interpretive ASN.1 API. The OSS ASN.1 products, offering unsurpassed performance and reliability, meet the demanding needs of organizations worldwide who have selected OSS Nokalva products for applications such as: 3G/4G Mobile Systems (3GPP), Aviation, Intelligent Transportation, Security and Financial Services, Telecommunication Networks, Space Communication, Military applications, and many more.
OSS Nokalva ASN.1 Toolkits Support VxWorks and Wind River Linux Users. The OSS ASN.1 encoding/decoding runtime libraries are available for several VxWorks and Wind River Linux platforms facilitating your development of ASN.1-based applications.

  • Reliability: A robust software testing methodology is applied to all OSS products.
  • Experience: OSS' high-quality code can be safely ported to any platform, and OSS has completed hundreds of such portings.
  • Performance: OSS' code runs fast on any computing device, including embedded systems, making optimum use available computing resources.
  • Assistance: OSS offers high-quality technical support 24x7.

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OSS Nokalva Inc
300 Atrium Drive, Suite 402, Somerset, NJ, United States, 08873
+ 1-732-302-9669

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux