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ASOCS is a pioneer in virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN) and a provider of fully virtualized, NFV-compatible virtual Base Station (vBS) solutions. Enabling unmatched spectrum and energy efficiency Cloud-RAN deployments at any scale, on an open platform, ASOCS vBS solutions greatly improve user experience at significantly reduced TCO.

Complete RAN Virtualization; Every Layer, All Functions, Any RRH
ASOCS vBS solutions provide full virtualization of all base station layers and functions, including Baseband L1 PHY, real-time processing. With its open-source-based, Real-Time on COTS (ROC) platform, ASOCS transforms the IT server Cloud Computing and Software Defined Networking (SDN) market into a cross-platform software solution where all resources are sharable, scalable and economical. ASOCS vBS are based on its Modem Processing Unit (MPU) and Modem Programing Language (MPL) which enable the virtualization and software abstraction of processing elements required for L1 PHY acceleration.

Better Communication - Everywhere
Designed to enable high quality coverage in any environment, ASOCS vBS solutions are ideal for neutral host, Micro (In-building / DAS), Metro (city center) and Mega-scale (whole cities) networks via the Communication as a Service (CaaS) business model.

Realizing NFV, at Scale
ASOCS realizes the ETSI NFV vision by re-defining the world of traditional, inflexible, proprietary base-stations into a new era of cost-effective, agile, Multi-RAT networks. By virtualizing the Base Station, ASOCS enables Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) applications to run in Distributed-NFV Clouds at the metro and network edge.

ASOCS NFV-compatible, fully virtualized RAN (vRAN) pre-integrated with Wind River Titanium Server carrier-grade NFV software platform

As a part of the Titanium Cloud ecosystem, ASOCS and Wind River have partnered to enable service providers to realize the vision of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), from core through to RAN. Pre-integrating the Wind River Titanium Server carrier-grade network virtualization platform with ASOCS vRAN solution enables complete RAN Virtualization of every layer and all functions, from modem to management.

  • Full virtualization of all base station layers and functions, including Baseband Layer 1 PHY real-time processing.
  • Full complement of carrier grade fault management features result in fewer dropped calls.
  • High performance, flexible and open solution reduces OPEX by optimizing resource utilization on COTS hardware.

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21 Hamelacha St. Edan Twin Buildings P.O.B. 11459 Park Afek, Rosh Haayin, Israel, 48091

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