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ScaleDB Inc

ScaleDB is a modern database cluster optimized for high volume, high velocity structured data targeting real-time, time-series and event/log based big data IoT analytic applications. Because ScaleDB uses the MySQL interface, it is compatible with the full MySQL ecosystem of tools and applications and can easily be supported by developers and administrators familiar with MySQL.
ScaleDB offers outstanding performance results for both ingestion and query rates, independent on how big the data table grows. In fact, as the cluster scales and the number of available database nodes resources increases, so do the ingestion and query rates. The performance improvements are linear and quickly outperform any other MySQL (and NoSQL) storage engine.
ScaleDB provides an optimal database and storage solution for private and public clouds and for all database workloads, for scan-intensive Online Analytics Processing (OLAP) applications.
ScaleDB eliminates the need to partition or shard the data-scaling is achieved by dynamically adding databases or storage to a cluster. High Availability (HA) is provided by automatically mirroring the data at the storage tier.

ScaleDB provides IoT users with a scaleable MySQL database platform for time-series analytics for Wind River based solutions.

ScaleDB extends the Wind River solution to persist and query Big IoT Data at the centralized location to provide insights to the current and historical IoT data and integrate the IoT data with other sources of data, Providing a platform for operational analytics.
ScaleDB delivers the highest performance and scaling solution in the industry with the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Below are the reasons:

a) ScaleDB demonstrates millions of inserts per second using a cluster of commodity hardware (ScaleDB's demonstration is using hardware that costs $10K). ScaleDB performance is based on a disk based solution.
b) ScaleDB demonstrates Business Information (BI) queries that evaluate hundreds of millions of rows within a few seconds. A ScaleDB cluster can be tuned to satisfy any required performance of BI type of queries.
c) Setting ScaleDB as the backend to support the customer's data is instantaneous: Simply, define the schema and the platform is ready to go. No need to consider data volumes, data distribution or query distribution. Supporting more data or more users is done by adding machines to a cluster.
d) ScaleDB provides a unified platform for IoT data, including historical and transactional data. No more data silos. Use common SQL to satisfy repeated and ad hock queries to obtain insight from IoT generated data. ScaleDB directly supports Join to combine other sources of data to IoT data.

  • Storing the flood of machine data (millions of inserts/second) 1,000s of times faster than traditional databases
  • Near real-time insight by querying massive amounts of data without the long batch process of Hadoop Optimized for time-series data
  • Low TCO, runs on standard cloud hardware, leverages MySQL tools and infrastructure

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ScaleDB Inc
3723 Haven Rd., Suite 114, Menlo Park, CA, United States, 94025
(650) 587-8787

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